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Requests for sources and information of non-nude teens.
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Requests - BoardGirls
File: 157901644525.jpg - ( 300.97KB , 960x1280 , darcy-model.jpg )
30534 No. 30534 hide [Reply]
does anyone have more of her sets?

>> No. 30576
Wow, she has a navel ring! Love it.

>> No. 30592
Never seen her before would like to see more

>> No. 30595
Aint seen Darcy for yonks so if you have any of her pleeze post

File: 157920979780.jpg - ( 50.28KB , 729x410 , 000555-729x410.jpg )
30567 No. 30567 hide [Reply]
Someone have all sets from her: http://teensblog.tv/set-238/
Thank you.

>> No. 30591
Pretty sure she was never with a model agency so no sets, just random amateur pics of her around

File: 157910635538.jpg - ( 8.35KB , 190x300 , 152365258132s.jpg )
30551 No. 30551 hide [Reply]
Can anybody provide this set from Sweet Model Stephy, (TMF models)... Others above set # 75, been looking for so long..

File: 157275245913.jpg - ( 103.47KB , 1024x637 , imgsrc_ru_65835843sWi.jpg )
29566 No. 29566 hide [Reply]
I was looking for her, who is she? Did you guys have this set? Thanks in advance

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>> No. 30577
Somebody??? Still nothing???

>> No. 30581
Star Sessions Angelina. The pic you posted is part of a collection called Secret Stars and almost impossible to find

>> No. 30582
Another Link to check on http://www.boardgirls.to/teenmodels/res/169190.html

File: 157771546440.jpg - ( 76.15KB , 511x960 , WALS Angelica.jpg )
30265 No. 30265 hide [Reply]
Hi. WALS Angelica sets 1 to 219 usually go dead from about sets 190 to 219, except for a few sets. The earlier sets come up often enough, eg jdi the bold & then that's it.
Could anyone use a Mountfile account (sic aka via NoNude Rama) to access & post these latter few sets which are deliberately over the 1gb 'free' limit & are thus premium only sets, i.e. 190 to 219 finally for all to get a hold of. She's a sweetie.

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>> No. 30555
Could u post them please

>> No. 30565
Here are a pile of links to Angelica videos...she is so darn cute! Enjoy...







Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

>> No. 30596

is all gone allready, you should use a pasword

File: 157933908896.jpg - ( 1.44MB , 1200x1800 , InessaD02_086.jpg )
30594 No. 30594 hide [Reply]
Does anybody have Candydoll.tv's Inessa D videos 2 through 4? I was only able to find the first video from the WLC thread, the rest having expired.

File: 157925710610.jpg - ( 261.29KB , 1200x800 , VIP_LauraB01_079-1.jpg )
30573 No. 30573 hide [Reply]
Looking for video, i am not realy sure wich girl is but she is in blue shorts with big bleu ball playing with her and jumpin on ball
Watch long time bit now realy whant to wach agein
Thanks, hope you help me

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>> No. 30580
Haven't a link, but it's Bella K VIP 7 you want.

>> No. 30584
File: 157929348551.gif - ( 4.67MB , 600x338 , ezgif-2-b0b0ae8d5630.gif )
Oh it's Bella K alright

But that's a lovely picture of Laura B you've posted

>> No. 30593
File: 157933225298.jpg - ( 1.46MB , 1200x2572 , VIP_BellaK07-index.jpg )

I think this is the video you won't?

VIP BellaK07-Set&Video-4m43s


File: 156043909058.jpg - ( 1.02MB , 1080x1705 , 20190613_171647.jpg )
28449 No. 28449 hide [Reply]
Full set please

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>> No. 30524
I am looking for miss Alli sets 180 to 190 and any after 200 from any collector that might share them with us all. Thank You.

>> No. 30550
File: 157910440264.jpg - ( 129.89KB , 996x1500 , 98cabd3879c295b3cf7b4fb4d4c9ce2b-imagejpeg.jpg )


Pass HK

>> No. 30590
can someone please post the first 25 sets of miss-alli? others are easy to find but 1-25 seem impossible

File: 157901878361.jpg - ( 50.29KB , 1024x682 , imgsrc_ru_52056972tNo.jpg )
30535 No. 30535 hide [Reply]
Info and sets please!

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>> No. 30571
She can be found here:

>> No. 30585
OP says: Thank you so much guys! Saved my day

>> No. 30589
File: 157931960313.jpg - ( 197.26KB , 1152x1728 , candy-016-001.jpg )

I have a 107 mega set of candy at my thread
try this >>175271 are go to this link



File: 157861569081.jpg - ( 104.31KB , 576x864 , IMG_9713.jpg )
30471 No. 30471 hide [Reply]
I have set Oliga 128 but would like more of this model. Thanks in advance

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>> No. 30507
dl.free.fr does not work. Thanks anyway...

>> No. 30512
The free download set 001 works fine.thanks TP

>> No. 30586
File: 157930366655.jpg - ( 191.92KB , 576x864 , Oliga.jpg )
Swissarts Oliga Stepanova 53 sets 1.4 Gb


File: 157929271447.jpg - ( 32.51KB , 485x336 , 503.jpg )
30583 No. 30583 hide [Reply]
Hi: My request is that people stop putting good stuff on crappy host...PLEASE use Free, AnonFile, Zippyshare, DailyUploads. or new one that is real good filehorst.de...not those crappy ones like Turbo and Uploaded that are "free" but take two and a half days to download one set. Thank you Truckpuller...

File: 15634823905.png - ( 1.24MB , 840x840 , imggrlvsby.png )
28663 No. 28663 hide [Reply]
does anybody have anything from FightingKids, girl vs boy, or girl vs girl?

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>> No. 30495
Is this thread dead?

>> No. 30517
it was never alive... 2 post that you cant download, and almost 40 posts

>> No. 30579

Pls upload

File: 157888181047.jpg - ( 45.77KB , 375x500 , rikki.jpg )
30504 No. 30504 hide [Reply]
I do not think I have seen her in at least 10 years. Unfortunately I lost my old collection in a fit of self-loathing.
I am pretty sure I know of all the main studios ngand do not think she was part of them--certainly not Newstar, CandyDolls and their related studios which have models by the same name. Her pics were labeled with her (once) eponymous website though.
I can tell you she was American or Candadian from the one video I recall. She is doing splits in a pink velour leotard in front of an unlit fireplace while talking about some Disney thing.
She was about 8 or 9, thin with a perfect flat chest, medium length wavy blonde hair and a narrow chin and nose.
Sets I recall:

By a pool outside in a one-piece tie die swirl bathing suit
In jeans and short tee shirt by the same pool and also playing on a ladder
In a light blue bikini in a darkened room with shadows of window blinds cast across her
Playing with paints indoors and eventually getting covered by them

There were probably about a dozen sets maybe more, not very professionally shot with no out of the ordinary props or outfits.

Looks like the Wayback Macine first crawled her site in 2003.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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>> No. 30562
File: 157919099621.jpg - ( 953.84KB , 1708x3423 , Dscf045-tile.jpg )
rikki 5 more set.
sets have names like yellow shorts ect.

>> No. 30563
File: 157919121783.jpg - ( 974.51KB , 3072x2048 , cc08-tile.jpg )
Candy 8 sets!!!
I am sorry to say that the candy sets seem to be copy's of rikki set just different water marks.
posting as some like to keep everthing of a model.


>> No. 30574
File: 157926234975.jpg - ( 158.13KB , 858x1144 , 03.jpg )
Incredible!. Here's hoping someone digs up some of these old sets of younger Candy!

File: 157675758173.jpg - ( 25.41KB , 201x300 , ol.jpg )
30159 No. 30159 hide [Reply]
omfg this girl

3 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 30444
Any info on her nudes or from any other loland girl? They are impossible to find.

>> No. 30549

>> No. 30572
nn models what a bad joke with captcha

File: 157635290061.jpg - ( 146.42KB , 1000x1500 , Rizzie.jpg )
30085 No. 30085 hide [Reply]
Someone has a set of this model? She was a guest model in Phillie's site. Her name is Rezzie

12 posts and 5 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 30545
Hi HK: hope you are well...I try to upload stuff but they do not accept my sets and videos...not sure why. It was easier over at LG and I just get frustrated here as nothing I try gets accepted.

>> No. 30546
sorry I thought why I am not sharing on this board which does not accept any of my uploads for whatever reason...is LG still working? When I try to go on it I get 404 no site???

>> No. 30570
No Rezzie to be found in any of these sets :/

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